Hey! I’m Chelsey, a 6th generation farmer and rancher working alongside my family in North Dakota. We grow corn, soybeans, pinto beans, seed oats, and commercial cattle, plus a few kids. Bringing the kids along to work with us all day, every day was never a grand plan, but now that we’re doing it I’m so grateful for the village that makes it happen!

Really appreciate you being here! Sharing online is a heart project for me. This life is special and I wanted our perspective to have a voice. The operation, along with kids, also consumes a majority of my time and the opportunity to forge friendships in quick moments throughout the day has been a gift when finding time for friend dates feels impossible.


Growing up, my parents were gracious and made it clear that if any or all of us kids wanted a place on the farm, there would be room. We were all involved in the farm as kids and played a role in operations, but upon graduating from high school I didn’t have clear direction on what I wanted the rest of my life to look like. I actually envied the kids that knew from an early age that they wanted to be a nurse or an engineer or anything with clarity! Casting a broad net seemed like a safe way to hedge my bets, so I attended our state land grant university, NDSU, to major in Agriculture Economics and after 2.5 years graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree. Still lacking clarity I chose between two job offers — ag banking and data management within an equipment dealer group. The challenge of building a department from scratch was alluring and I spent the next 4 years with the equipment dealer learning and climbing the corporate ladder. It was an absolutely incredible experience, but I felt the pull to build on our family’s legacy more than continue to build at the dealership. While working at the equipment dealer, I had been growing my cow herd and working on the farm after hours. When my grandparents retired, I left my full-time job to farm and ranch full-time with my family. In the meantime, I got married to Kyle. He owns and operates a fencing supply company, but occasionally has time to help us on the farm for big cattle days. We were living 40 minutes from the farm and I was driving each day, which has become less manageable with more and more kids! Right now, we’re in the process of homesteading our own place on an empty quarter of land. Kyle’s scraped dirt create a pad to build the shop, built a driveway, and he’s working on bringing in utilities. Join us for adventures in farming, ranching, family, building a new place, and all the money talks that go with life in agriculture.

Let’s Collaborate

family farm combine harvest season


The daily crew at the farm is usually my side of the family, the kids and employees which can make it seem like I’m not married. But Kyle’s here! He owns and operates a fencing supply company that sources and distributes junk material, well pipe and sucker rod, from the oil field. This business is run from our yard about 8 miles from the farm. We’re excited to see Kyle on big cattle working days and various other appearances throughout the year. In case you’re wondering; Kyle ships well pipe and sucker rod throughout the country!

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