let's WORK together

Sharing this life online is a heart project for me. I started sharing because this life felt too special to keep to ourselves and Conny van Bedaf, whom I admire greatly said, “Our story will be told regardless, it’s up to us to share our perspective.” 

Now I have the privilege to work with my hands while also showcasing the beauty photographed out here. Plus utilize the creative, marketing portion of my brain that overflows with ideas while autosteering or being surrounded by only the sound of the wind.

Ranching family in field of cows

It's the village. That's what makes the magic happen. All of the village working together.

What you’ll get with me is boots on the ground, hands in the dirt, wind in the hair, woman of agriculture out doing the work daily alongside my family. I’m a farmer & rancher first and foremost. You’ll find me writing copy while watching a heifer calve and taking excessive video as we go because there are no reshoots of the real work.

what we CAN DO

Rancher administering calf shot in the neck


We’re on Instagram & Facebook creating stories, posts, and reels that are informative & entertaining.

rancher loading ear tagger

Fit in our wheelhouse seamlessly? Let’s write you a blog post that will be searchable forever!


Panels are our jam! Book me, my parents or a combination of us. We love speaking as a generational operation.

What they’re Saying:

Let’s Make it Official & Work Together

I'M PASSIONATE about creating content that highlights your brand from an operation truly utilizing your product.

farmer siting by bins

Ready To Work Together?

I started sharing because this life felt too special to keep to ourselves. Then I kept sharing because agriculture needed all the voices it could get. This really is a heart project for me. I love and believe in agriculture. A wise and well-respected woman I admire once shared that they will continue telling our story for us regardless of if we share our side. She’s been an inspiration to make sure our side of the story comes from us. 

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