5 Ways We Optimize Cow Health

Without a cow, we have no calf. Our mamas work hard and we do everything we can to optimize their health.

1. Our ladies walk to water. My dad calls it the Jenny Craig plan 😉 Keeping our cows walking a half mile to water through their pregnancy has helped us see improved endurance & better cow condition.

2. Vaccinating for us is a big picture, operation specific task that we tackle with our veterinarian. We gave the mamas Ultrabac 7 and Scourguard 4KC this spring prior to calving. As the newborns are processed we’re giving Inforce 3 and Ultrabac CD.

3. Each feed wagon load delivered to the fields is a ration balanced by a nutritionist. We also keep the bunks full and always stay ahead of the cows on feed.

4. A tight calving window of 45 days helps us manage cow health more closely when all the cows are in similar stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

5. To help our cows gain condition back after raising a calf, we wean early. Typically in early September, giving our cows September through the end of March without a calf at side.

What would you add? What keeps your mamas healthy?

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