Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is something I’m usually thinking about.

But not this time.

We ended up with a set of concaves that we wouldn’t be using. In my mind, there wasn’t much we could do with them besides stash them for the day we would possibly, probably never, use them.

There’s something to be said here about the generational lessons that are passed down from farmers that went through times such as the depression and the 80s…

Anyway, Kyle saw our opportunity cost differently. He consigned those concaves plus a slow down kit to an auction rather than holding on to them.


With our current interest situation every dollar counts. Plus, what are the odds that we’ll ever be able to use those again?

Even if we do, was the opportunity cost to hang on to them that long even worth it?

What’s your take? Are you a saver for a rainy day or a clean it out & cash it in for now person?

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