Why your calf may be stumbling in circles

We recently had a calf we took to the vet that stumbled in circles?

The vet ran a couple tests for viruses and they came back negative. The running theory is some type of genetic mutation.

When the calf came home from the vet it went to the barn so we could keep a close eye on it. Since then, it’s continued to do well; currently the most aggressive bottle calf we have.

Still a few stumbles, but overall much better.

When I went to give a shot of Bo-Se today I called it wobbles.


It was the eeriest feeling! 😂😂 As soon as I said wobbles, it all came back to me, fuzzily.

We’ve seen this before.

I’ve had a wobbles before. In fact, it was on one of my cows. I chose not to cull her because we figured it was a fluke deal, maybe an injury. Then the next year she had wobbles 2.0. 🤯🤯🤯

Like I said, I remember but it’s fuzzy. Talk about a fried mom brain. Anyway, both the calves made it to finish, I remember that. I remember they still stumbled off to the side a bit when they got worked up, but otherwise it wasn’t obvious to pick them out of a crowd.

As for the mama of the first two wobbles, we didn’t keep her around to try for number three.

Ever see anything like it?

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