Harvest is stressful.

Harvest is stressful.

It’s longer days with a bigger burden of efficiency and productivity as we’re constantly racing the weather.

My unsaid expectations would love to have Kyle be able to take the kids home early to feed and bathe them then put them to bed. Washing clothes and getting other meals ready while keeping the house from falling apart would be appreciated too.

But as life has it, fall is a full time on Kyle’s schedule too. One where, I’ve learned, he’d also appreciate the home front contributing to operate without him because he is doing his best to stay caught up on business.

Historically, I’d let this frustration build and it would lead to a massive harvest fight.

The last slide in the photos has really been helpful to think through. It’s helped me pivot my mindset from “what could I use help with” to “how can I help Kyle?”

Old me mindset would have been too caught up/overwhelmed/self-centered to entertain the idea of making time to help him when I was struggling so much to keep myself & the kids afloat.

Turns out, the more you give, the better life is. It’s possible to pour from an empty cup and it feels good.

This morning I used the pickup to pull the fuel trailer and when I was done I wiped the dash and front seat areas off. Something that didn’t take much time, won’t move the profitability needle, but will feel good. Will feel like we’re on the same team keeping up on things when life is crazy.

Let’s talk all the tips & feelings of harvest expectations! Please share! ☺️

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