Have You Ever Seen a Million Dollar Rain?

Last week our agronomist was doing yield estimates and we were discussing where we would be without another rain.

The crop wouldn’t be a disaster and after the last 5 years we had that was a relief, but it also wouldn’t be a crop that helped us build after having multiple crop disasters in a row.

Yesterday, it rained almost all day. The most beautiful, slow, answered prayer drizzling from the sky. 2” of moisture over most of our fields.

We’re hopeful now that the corn and beans will fill better than we had initially hoped.

Hopeful that this will give us the chance to try to “catch back up” with reinvesting in the business.

Hopeful that this rain will be felt throughout our small communities that ride the rollercoaster of ag along with us.

Yesterday, we saw a million dollar rain and an answered prayer.

Today it’s hot and humid and I can feel the crops growing! I can also feel the renewed sense of hope this brought for all of us who count on a crop.

Today we’re grateful ❤️

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