Money talks. Wealth whispers.

This quote stopped my scroll & has been rolling around in my head for weeks.

Money talks. Wealth whispers.

What a mic drop.

It reminded me of a story my dad found last fall. A man who lived in a mobile home and drove his lawn mower around town in threadbare clothes gave almost 4 million to his town when he died.

Quite the story of letting wealth whisper. Quite the inspiration to not let money lead.

I’ll link the article in stories if you want to take a read. It sure warmed my heart to see people who don’t get caught up with the Joneses.

A reminder I personally appreciate now and again especially on the business side. For me, I’ve never been tempted to get the boat, camper or grand vacations. However, I do get tempted and run the numbers on different equipment, more land and obviously a shop space.

P.S.: I guess I do like a nice mom car & a quality purse brings me joy 🫠

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