The Importance of Family Heirlooms on a Farm

I’d go back in a fire for this.

This baptismal gown made the journey across the ocean with my family when they came from Germany back in 1893.

Since then countless members of our family have been baptized in it.

The fabric has begun to come apart, it’s so delicate and fragile.

When I think of the farm and what makes it special, it’s the people and their stories. Tangibly, to me, it’s the land, the photo albums, a safe with my great-great grandpa’s name painted on it and this gown.

This is the family legacy that we can touch in those 4 items. The legacy that started here on this place back in the late 1800s and has been passed down, generation by generation.

Krew was baptized in this gown today and it means so much to me. Means so much that it’s stayed with the farm all this time. That my kids were baptized in the same gown that I was, the same as their grandpa, great grandpa, great-great grandpa and many more we only wish we knew.

I wonder if the people that packed this gown to cross the ocean had any idea it would stay with the farm and have such significance more than a century later?

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