How Much a Farmer/Rancher and Mom Spends in a Week

Monday: $0

Tuesday: $60 – fundraiser supper

Wednesday: $0


Friday: $11 – coat hooks

Saturday: $80 – help with kids

Sunday: $0

Grand total: $151

fine print:

1. Kyle got groceries $180
1a. Kyle also got supplies for the shop, including tempo, to kill the spiders, church offering and supper Sunday night. This list doesn’t include Kyle’s spending!

2. My credit card number was stolen so I’m card has been shut down since March 22. I’m still waiting on a replacement! I had to remember all this cash math 😂🙈

3. Got gas at home on Tuesday. # prepaid expense

Want to see this again next week?! Or do you want to see a comparison of Kyle’s spending versus mine?

@kyle.erdmann_ threw some shade last night about who had a package by the door. He was very excited to come bring it to me to open only to find it was his. 😂😂😂 BUT, BUT, BUT he sent me the link and I *technically* ordered it. For him.

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