What have I implemented on the farm?

I was recently asked this question and after pondering I can’t think of anything.

This is my 6th growing season full-time on the farm and it’s been even more years that I was running my own cows at the farm while working my job.

When thinking of my previous job, before the farm, I have a whole list of implementations!

So, what have I been doing to better the farm if I don’t have my stamp on anything in particular?


Right away, especially, I’d come to my dad with a great idea that seemed to check all the boxes. Enthusiastically, I’d lay out my big idea in detail and each time my dad would have a factor I hadn’t considered. A factor that threw my brilliant plan into the almost good enough pile of ideas.

It’s been such a gift to learn the intricacies of this operation from an experienced hand. I’ve been here and involved all my life, but going from a “help” position to a full-time, daily part of the operation is significantly, tremendously different in terms of understanding and perspective.

Plus, I’d like to think we work well together. That our ideas all mesh together after we’ve worked through them enough as a team to continue to improve on the initial plan. It’s a team effort.

What would I like my mark to be on the farm? That’s a long list. A list full of ideas big and small.

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