A Letter to John Deere from a Grateful Farmer

Dear John Deere,

One of my favorite stories from my grandpa was hearing about how he would stand on the seat of his combine and steer with his foot to stay out of the dust as much as he could.

I think of that often as I’m sitting in this comfortable, air ride, leather, air conditioned & heated seat. Thank you.

Many people ask me questions about the noise level in the cab when they see my kids in here with no hearing protection. It’s remarkable how quiet it is, arguably as quiet as my car. Thank you.

The technology advancements that have made operating smoother and more precise are phenomenal. It’s incredible to think how far we’ve come in only a few decades. Thank you.

It takes backpacks full of supplies to make it through long days in the cab. All of the storage, hooks, and cubbies keep our items organized. Thank you.

I’m a cooler girl, but my kids sure love the novelty of the fridge. Plus it’s nice to keep easy access to snacks and drinks. Thank you.

Food comes from families. Families like ours harvesting and families like yours that make harvesting possible. Thank you for the intention, thought and innovation in equipment.


A grateful farmer

PS—if the opportunity ever arises, we’d sure use a vacuum or an air hose to blow the cab out each evening. Additionally, if it’s not too much to ask a microwave or little oven would sure be icing on the cake. 😏

If you could put anything in a cab, what would you ask for??!

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