Collaboration Is King

When I worked at the the equipment dealer group, I spent months putting together a massive project. A project that touched each section within the group and required some large pivots. The plan took extensive effort and the implementation was an even greater feat.

After many months we were seeing success and adjusting to the inevitable roadblocks along the way. We were also attending meetings put on by the equipment manufacturer along with other dealer groups. Groups that were in similar positions to us and many that had not reached the same point.

I had a great discussion with my boss regarding our next steps. We talked about the commitment I had to putting all of this together, the time I had invested and the time the dealer group had invested in me doing this.

Then we decided to hand my whole folder over. I sat down and discussed, at length, how this worked for us. I gave them my whole blueprint. Because the plan was one thing. Implementation would be a hurdle in itself for them. I also knew that we were continuing to move forward so sure if we had quit right there perhaps our neighboring dealer would have blew by us in metrics. But we weren’t stopping, I knew we would keep grinding along.

The talk happened early for me and I remember it fairly well because we had it often.

Collaboration over competition.

Real leaders help bring up every person coming behind.

Don’t hold back, share everything you know.

Going to volunteer at the fair this week brings back the memories of the discussions my parents started with us. Before Round Robin, my parents had us in the barns teaching the other kids everything we knew. Anyone that made the Round Robin, was welcome to come work through the animals with us to prep.

The very kids we would be competing against were the kids we were teaching how to compete!

We wanted them to have a chance. We wanted them to learn and grow. I’m not sure we knew it at the time, but I know it now. Everything I know can’t be taught in 20 minutes. My drive for more keeps me learning and moving forward.

I could share absolutely everything I know and it won’t put me behind. Because the people I teach, the people I help, they will do it differently than I did. They will need some time to implement while I continue forward.

We are better together and I’m so grateful I was raised to know this deeply. I’m an open book, happy to share anything that is mine to share 😘

Do you see life the same way or do you see a place for keeping trade secrets?

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