Cost per Wear or Cost per Item | Determining Winter Clothing Budget

Pulling out all our winter gear for the year has me thinking about the cost of staying warm in the tundra!

So far this year, I’ve only purchased a new pair of mittens for one kid, otherwise we’re going on multiple years of using the same gear for all of us.

Which is my goal! Mostly because then I know I’m always ready. Winter seems to sneak up on us and it’s not like we can run to the store to stock up when it’s time. I appreciate having what we need ready to be pulled out right when we need it.

But also, I’ve found that our cost per wear is so much more important than our cost per item. Investing in higher quality gear that can withstand being worn all day, every day while keeping us warm and dry for multiple seasons has been money well spent.

As of right now, my coat is going strong at less than $0.75 a day. There is a little wear on the cuffs after making it through 2 calving seasons, but I’m expecting a third out of it, no problem. Which will really drop my cost per wear even more.

Linked my coat & favorite sweatshirt to layer underneath in stories today with a full women’s winter weather gear roundup coming at the end of the week!

Share with us — do you figure out cost per wear on your items or prefer to look at cost per item??

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