Men’s Winter Essentials

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”


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The frigid air has arrived. This phrase, up above, hails from Scandinavian heritage which feels extremely fitting for our climate here in the upper Great Plains.

Sometimes I feel that finding winter wear for Kyle can be harder than finding it for myself. Kyle’s main priorities when are:

  1. Have free movement.
  2. No restriction.

While I am ok with feeling a little restricted as long as I can stay warm, Kyle has been known to go without a coat (until we found the one I’m sharing later) because it restricted his movement too much. So, I’m rounding up all of his favorite items to make winter easier on him!


Finding a coat that Kyle liked has been HARD, this one he likes because it doesn’t restrict his movement at all and the quality is great!


Love these sweatshirts because they actually have weight to them!


I personally love the mitten version of these gloves, but Kyle is all about having free movement, so the glove version is his favorite.


When it comes to boots, our family loves Bogs. These keep Kyle’s feet warm and dry which is essential for winter around here. Plus they hold up great!

When boots aren’t needed though, Kyle goes for these Twisted X’s shoes. Comfortable and the rubber sole is great when it’s wet out.


Just as Kyle is picky about everything else, jeans are no exception. These are the only one’s he will wear!


A plain t-shirt is all that Kyle wants and I love getting these 6-packs for ease of keeping everything the same.

Want to see more of Kyle’s favorites? I’m constantly adding more items to Kyle’s Favorites Amazon Board.

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