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It’s fall and the weather definitely matches the calendar! Heavy morning dew and chilly temps that quickly escalate to warm sunny afternoons have changed our shoes from the go-to summer sandals.

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I love Karsyn’s moccasins because they have a thin sole; the perfect mix of a soft bottom for learning to walk and being practical for being outside at the farm. They are real leather and I’ve washed them in the washing machine with great results! Bonus: she can get them on by herself.

We’ve owned these shoes in every size as Kade has grown; they are the perfect farm shoe! Since we have every size, Karsyn is set and wears them too. Definitely gender neutral! We know we love this style, so I always have the next size up on hand. Works great when I hear, “my shoes are tight,” then we can go to the closet for a new pair without having to wait for the mail or a trip to a big town.

Or should we say, mud boots, are for sure a must. As the ground turns from dry and dusty to wet and muddy these boots are great for keeping little feet clean. Plus, they clean up well themselves!

My favorite boots for Kade have a classy shape and functional handles to help him slip them on alone. I love that they have no liners to keep track of and a thick sole to keep feet warm. They’ve held up remarkably well and I’ll buy this same pair again in the next size up.

At the time I ordered Kade’s boots, they didn’t have a small enough size for Karsyn so I found these and couldn’t pass up the pink. The brand name is Tree Grandpa, which is a conversation starter for sure! We lost the liners the first week, but since then they’ve passed the Karsyn test.

Both boots are under $25, making them affordable, PLUS they last! Nothing is worse than spending money on something to not even last a full season.

Inevitably, it will snow here and at some point, will likely reach -30 degrees. We live in snow boots as soon as the weather turns cold and investing in quality footwear for this season hasn’t been a purchase I’ve regretted.

Kade’s snow boots that we had last year are still going strong and will be in the line up again this year. I wash the liner in the washing machine and the boot scrubs up with a brush. During our really cold stretch of -50 degrees windchill, Kade never had cold feet. These were an investment that I was happy to make.

As a backup pair, I have these boots on the shelf. They are less expensive than Kade’s everyday pair and work well in early and late winter when it isn’t as brutally cold. Since her feet aren’t quite big enough for the pair Kade wears, Karsyn will also be in this style this year!

For added protection and longevity we spray all our leather shoes with this. I have the best luck doing 2-3 initial coats. Then occasional touchups when the shoes are clean and dry.

For the rest of our gear, check out our Cold Weather Essentials list! Make sure to follow along over on Instagram for all the action this winter.

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