Ditching Leggings for Farm Work Wear

I have to admit, I know how I got here.

Pregnant. Postpartum. Repeat. Repeat.

Riding the weight and size rollercoaster steady for the last 5 years has made choosing clothes that work difficult. You know how it goes! Farm work wear is hard.

I have all the reasons…

Leggings stay up. No hiking or pulling!
Ranching, calving especially, is labor intensive. It’s a workout.
Black is slimming.
Leggings fit well in snowpants.
The sizes stretch so I can make one pair last much longer than jeans.

For some reason, this spring when we shed the snowpants layer I felt pulled to try jeans. And guess what?!


Perhaps, when Natalie Kovarik shared how she was forgoing athleisure when not actively working out it planted a seed for me.

You’ve seen me in leggings steady and it didn’t feel right to move on from that without sharing how it felt.

It feels like confidence. It feels like the pep in my step. It feels like holding my head held high. It feels good.

You know I feel strongly about looking presentable at the farm. You know I’m a believer in wearing clothes that make you feel good and I thought I felt good in leggings. But then I went back to jeans and oh what a jump.

Sharing in case you haven’t reached for jeans in a while and wanted to see what it felt like again.

So now, the extra hard part. My absolute, hands down, favorite pair is the bootcut that Abercrombie no longer sells. I’ve been stalking Poshmark like crazy trying to find more 6R or 6L! Also keeping an eye on the 4 for when I finally get my weight leveled out.

Other jeans in my current rotation are a wider leg trouser. I love the rise and how they feel to wear. Check Poshmark for these too!

I’ve never been the kind to dress ready for the cover of a western magazine, but jeans sure feel good. Hope you feel confident in what you’re wearing too!

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