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Town Jeans, Expectations & 10lbs

It’s a thing to have town jeans and work jeans, right?

As if jeans weren’t hard enough to find, this lifestyle requires two different styles of jeans from me! Or it’s me. I require two different styles of jeans from it. I like a solid bootcut for working and something a bit fancier for going to town. Something to show off my shoes!

Actually, that’s exactly the reason I haven’t worn my favorite work jeans to town yet, because I have no idea what shoes to wear with them other than my work boots.

I’ve been on the hunt for a solid pair of “mom jeans,” for what feels like forever. It’s a shame I haven’t counted the number of pairs I’ve tried and watched miserably fail in the mirror.

Why is it so hard to find a flattering, comfortable pair of straight, but not too straight jeans for a 5′ 2.75″ tall woman?!

You know how it goes. If they fit in the waist, the butt doesn’t look great. Or maybe the hips are too tight while the waist is too loose. Then the length. Oh the joys of finding a great length. Thank goodness raw hems are acceptable because I would never get somewhere to have my jean length properly tailored like I used to do in the Buckle jean shopping days.

The last time Kyle and I were in a town big enough to have a Scheels I grabbed seven pairs of jeans to try.

All seven. Every single pair was awful. Not one was worth a look in another size or a maybe if I posed perfect.

It took the wind right out of my sails. Again.

I have nothing casual to wear right now. I have work clothes and I have a few outfits to go to church. But going to do something casual with my family, I have nothing to wear. Also, you know that when I say I have nothing to wear, I really mean I don’t have anything that I feel confident wearing. That’s my measuring stick. I want every outfit to feel so great I hold my head high when I’m wearing it. I love the way an outfit can make me feel and really appreciate all the details that go into making a great outfit. Before I had kids, I really enjoyed curating outfits and now here we are with nothing to wear…

A few days after the failed jean try-on session I had a thought come out of nowhere.

No jeans were going to flatter away 35 pounds.

I’m not sure why it took so long for me to realize that my expectations when trying on jeans were to look the way I want to look when I lose these 35 pounds. No wonder I cannot find a pair that fits the bill.

It’s been defeating friends.

I got married at about 112 pounds.

Kyle blessed me with 8-10 pounds of honeymoon weight.

The first baby added another 10.

Then the next baby kept an additional 10.

The last baby also wanted in on 10, just like all the people say. It’s been true for me too. My body hangs on to an extra 10 pounds per kid and I didn’t get rid of it before getting pregnant again. Which means here I am, struggling to lose all 35-40 pounds at once.

Thank goodness I’ve done this before.

When I ordered my wedding dress it came from Australia and it was so small the zipper didn’t zip AT ALL. Plus it was all lace so there wasn’t anywhere to add a panel or let it out. It was the perfect motivating factor to tone up in order to fit into it!

I remember how good I felt about myself when I kept the promise to do the workout. When I kept the promise to hit my macros. It felt good to feel good and I miss that.

I miss feeling well because I was taking care of my body. I miss feeling great in clothes because I liked the way they fit. I miss having fun while shopping.

No jeans are going to flatter away 35 pounds.

Grateful for that random thought. Grateful for the awareness to keep pushing through this. Goodness, I’m not sure why it has to be this hard to lose weight after kids. As if it’s not hard enough to make time to work out with kids and no sleep!

So anyway, came to say it’s not jean’s fault. ANNNDDD if you have anything that really helped you postpartum, please send it my way. I am stuck. Super stuck!

Or if you do have town jeans that have flattered away 35-40 pounds I’m not above the recommendation either! 😉

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