Embracing Seasonality

A few years ago I read this great quote about not fighting the seasons. Leaning into the idea of, “a time for everything,” including rest.

In other words — embracing seasonality.

The growing season here, for us, starts with calving late March, rolls right into planting, that becomes turning pairs out, then spraying, haying, weaning and harvest that we’re happy to be done with before Thanksgiving. Meaning we have 3.5 months of steady work in the slower season after a majority of the year is spent in sprint mode.

I loved the idea of embracing the daylight rhythm and not pushing myself to be as intensely paced through these few short winter months. Plus there is something about doing chores in the dark that hits the feels different!

Now, with our current shop project we haven’t taken early days or a day at home since August, but it’s coming. And I’m ready for it ☺️

I can’t be the only one that finds joy in the shorter days — do you like the pace they bring?

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