Farmer’s Gift Guide | What to buy for a farmer

My favorite gift of all when I think about the “in the moment” receiving is quite different than my memories of my most treasured gift of all.


Time is my most treasured, precious gift when I really think about it. Time to take the day slower than normal, time to take a breath while really soaking in the surroundings, and time to absorb what a gift life is.

Since time is my most treasured gift, I decided to forgo traditional presents for holidays and focus on something with incredible staying power. Take this from someone whose love language is gifting — the most powerful part of giving a gift is finding something that truly impacts the person receiving. This is what inspired me to leave the material presents behind, let go of stuff, and embrace the memories.

I started with Mother’s Day this year and I’m planning to continue all my gift giving this way for the foreseeable future #spoileralert everyone!

My mom received a day off to do anything she pleased. Who am I to give that to her since I’m not her boss? Good question, but I felt someone needed to give her the permission to take a day to do something that she wanted to do. There is always a list of tasks that need to be done at the farm, so she is always here. If my dad is gone, she is usually accompanying him to assist or staying behind to hold the place together. She doesn’t get time to be on her time, ever.

I’m still working the details out on Father’s Day for my dad and Kyle. My dad would probably love a day with Kade to play, time to leisurely check crops with a beer, and no alarm to start it all. For Kyle, I’m thinking time to eat sushi, just the two of us. Then if I’m really knocking it out of the park, perhaps a little time at the casino… 😉

Time isn’t free, but it also isn’t direct money out of pocket; making it a truly special gift we can all give. Time is precious, time is finite, and time is fleeting; making time perhaps the greatest gift of all.

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