How I’m Raising My Farm Kids the Hard Way

Have you seen that quote about how we all have hard, but the way we experience it is different?

If we take the hard route we have an easier life and if we take the easy route we have a hard life.

I feel that way about raising these kids.

It’s hard to take them with on the farm every sing day. Really hard.

But —

1. I don’t realize the hard because it’s all we know.

2. It feels so right to build their foundations out of bricks like this. It feels like as hard as it is, the learning, exposure and family time we’re giving them right now is going to be worth it.

3. It’s pushing me to be a better person. I’m not a naturally patient person and learning to involve kids at a kid’s pace when I’m most comfortable at peak efficiency has been quite the sanctification journey.

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