How Observant are Kids?

It was the neighbor kids.

The first time I realized how incredibly observant and intelligent kids are, I was over watching the neighbor kids play farm.

They were kids that had the privilege to be out with their parents in the field and lived a life immersed in their family operation.

While we were carpet farming, the grain cart pulled up to the semi and started to load it. First loading over the axles of the front hopper working their way forward 2 piles, then moving to the axles of the back hopper and working their way back to the middle.

This kid was young and meticulous.

It struck me how many details kids absorb, then understand how to apply. Even prior to pre-school this kid had already learned and practiced implementing how to load a semi with the grain cart.

What an absolute privilege it is to raise kids in agriculture on a family farm and witness their genius explode daily.

And that’s what keeps me going. On the days where it’s incredibly hard. Days where our productivity is as tanked as our patience. When everyone is long passed, “had enough.”

Because absorbing this life is a gift and a privilege. Thankful for the farm and the opportunity it gives these farm kids. 🤍

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