How to Deal with Aggressive Cows

We’re calving!

Kade waited and waited last year for a calf. Karsyn was nearly done (4/5) by the time Kade had his first baby. As you can imagine, with each additional calf she had he was increasingly impatient to get a teal tag in (more about our tagging system here)!

This year he was first, out of everyone!

My mom heard that eerily recognizable awful beller, of a mama going after her baby, late two nights ago. My dad rushed outside to find the calf neck deep in water with a heifer that did not want to be a mother.

We don’t give second chances for that kind of behavior, but we did want her to raise the calf even if we wouldn’t breed her again.

We were hopeful she would calm down and take her calf, but she didn’t. Even after a couple nursing sessions in the head gate, when she was let out she would go to pushing her calf around.

Disappointed it didn’t work out, but grateful for a live, healthy calf. We put the heifer in the “Big Mac” pen and sold the calf this morning.

Kade told me he is taking his money to the dollar store to go shopping 😂 We’re still discussing how when we deposit money in the bank it grows to more money & when we spend money at Dollar General it’s gone forever.

I feel like calving always starts a little rocky so fingers crossed we stay in the “good” groove now 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Are you calving?!

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