Surprise! Introducing Baby #4

Surprise! Yep, that’s 4, you counted right ☺️

And no, you didn’t miss anything.

Going into week 3 of rolling with 4 kids and still trying to find our rhythm. This 3-4 transition has been harder than 2-3. Thank goodness for the chiropractor and a slower time of year for the farm.

It never fails, pipe has been steady for Kyle so we’ve been finding our way mostly solo.

Moved into a construction zone, brought a baby home to 3 sick siblings that passed the sickness and joined in the night wakings. Not at the same time of course, all waking through the night, at different times.

We’re trying to get our juggle down before calving begins. Our due date is March 28, so will start seeing babies shortly. Also trying to get this house done so we can stop living in the chaos that has been our lives since last summer.

If you have any tips or lessons learned for an unsettled baby, please pass them on. Trying to help this sweet little one be comfortable. ❤️

Thanks so much for all the love and excitement (plus patience) on us having a baby! We appreciate you 🥰

PS—I haven’t been holding out on you! I wanted to share a picture of our whole family and it literally took 19 days before we made that happen… With an unhappy baby, but after 19 days, we realized that was the best we were going to get.

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