family farm combine harvest season

A Farmer’s Hope for Your Family

When you’re feeding your family, I hope you know that your food came from a family. A family like ours.

It was raised by hands that cared and looked after by a mind that continuously pursues improvement.

Your food was a team effort.

Our family worked on it together. We also worked on our crops & livestock with other trusted families to help get it to you.

If you know anything about where your food comes from, I hope you know this — Food comes from families. Families like ours. And countless other families like ours. ❤️

PS — what we’re doing here: walking pens of weaned calves looking for sickness. We’re listening for coughing, distressed breathing and anything out of the ordinary. We’re checking their water and feeders. We’re here to do everything we can to keep these calves healthy and well fed. They were born here and we’ll raise them here until their last day before they go to feed families.

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