Bring Your Kids to Work Everyday

These kids pack along to work with me daily. Every day since they were newborn babies.

It’s hard. Really hard to work, plus take care of a child. It’s really, really hard to take care of multiple children.

In the hard, we’ve found a rhythm. I also have a village.** The best village that takes turns and teamworks this with me.

Part of finding a rhythm and letting go of thinking how hard this was involved being disciplined.

Not letting us do it the easy way ever, means I don’t have anything to compare our days too.

Bringing them every day keeps our life consistent. It keeps me mentally in the game and mentally improving each day.

There’s been times where the kids have been sick so we’ve stayed home for the day. Napped in their beds, made 3 meals at the house, eaten in high chairs, played on the clean floor in a safe environment and kept our routine on time.

It was easier. It was a taste of exactly how hard our days can be at the farm. But I didn’t know how much harder it was until I had something to compare.

We stay disciplined on doing it the hard way because I feel it’s the right way for us. Praying that when we lay this solid foundation for these littles while they’re young it will reap benefits for us all as they grow.

What helps your mindset when bringing kids along? The little tips have turned out to help me more than anything! ❤️

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