The Secret to Getting it All Done as a Mom

Currently sitting on a tarmac (yay, right! 😏🥳💃🏼) pondering this —

Years ago there was a celebrity interview where she gave the “secrets” to getting it alllll done.

Being a mom, having a demanding career, being a wife and a friend.

Her secrets included
1. Getting up early
2. Being efficient

I remember the discussion that followed.

How, we as mothers, lift each other up with honesty surrounding our village.

We can “do it all,” because we have help.

Taking the kids to the farm, all day, everyday while still working is possible because we work together to play musical kids.

Being gone from home much more than we’re there is possible because of our sweetest fairy Godmother who comes to clean every 3 weeks.

All the online, backend tasks that don’t get much thought for an online business get done by my assistant.

Gone on a trip today while Kyle has his hands full, or anytime I suppose, Kyle is always got a full plate — possible because we have someone to be with our kids.

Our village is our family, our friends, our church, our community.

Food comes from families. Families like ours and families like all of those that work with and in support of agriculture.

This life in agriculture is held up by our village because getting up early and being efficient isn’t getting us all the way there.

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