We romanticize this life in agriculture.

We romanticize this life in agriculture.

I know we do. I know I do.

Because the sweet parts are so special. Beyond words special.

And the hard parts… if we included all the hard parts or dwelled on the hard parts we wouldn’t get anywhere.

We wouldn’t come back. We wouldn’t want our kids to have the chance at this life.

I romanticize because it takes resilience. It takes choosing to see possibility and get up again after being knocked down repeatedly.

These farms and ranches have been passed through generations because we’ve focused on the good. We’ve poured our attention to the big picture of why we’re here. Why we continue to stay.

We romanticize the hard because in comparison to the good, it’s worth the hard. The hard has shaped us. It’s pushed us. It’s strengthened us.

The hard isn’t bad and the good is something else.

Long live agriculture. Happy “I have no idea what day it is anymore” of harvest 🥳 otherwise known to one of my kids as, “mom, you know what I’d really like for my birthday party? A day to stay home.”

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