How do we decide to hire or do it ourselves?

This was a community submitted question and I’m super excited to hear your thoughts too!

1. Do we have the time?
2. Do we have the skills?
3. Do we have the tools?

These questions are then followed by is it worth our time to forgo what we would be doing instead to take this project on?

Would this be a valuable skill that we could learn by doing?

Is the investment in the right tools worth it for this project?

Then there is also the question of; if we wanted to hire it done could we find someone to do it at a reasonable time? It seems it’s getting harder and harder to find people with availability.

So far, the shop and yard build has been a mix of doing it ourselves and having it professionally done, for all the above reasons.

Site prep/dirt work: Kyle
Drain tile: Professional hire
Utilities; water, sewer, power: Professional hires
Steel erection: Professional hire
Interior liner panel: Mixed
Interior lean: Our family + professionals
Shop doors: Professional

Looking at this list I’m thinking, “goodness, what have we been doing these last 9 months?!” Acting as the general contractor for the project has certainly been an undertaking that is considerably time consuming, so add that to the list!

What’s your framework for deciding what to hire and what to tackle?

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