How We Keep Nap Routines with no Routine

You know how some kids fall asleep to the sweet hum and vibration in a cab?

Ya, not my kids. Not even once.

There are no accidental naps or unintentional naps in our combine.

Each nap, is handled the same way we’d do it not in a cab.

Our routine stays the exact same.

Make a nest/bed.

Read 2 books.

Say prayers.

Lie down to let your body rest.

Whether we’re in the shop break room or in a cab in a field, we do it the same way.

Then when we wake up we have a snack 🥳🥳

Keeping a routine in the cab helps us keep our days consistent and these kids have always appreciated know what to expect next.

No matter where we are or what we’re doing — we can take a nap. ☺️

Ok, if you have the kids that can be lulled to sleep in a cab please tell me how!

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