Making Decisions With Multiple Strong Opinions

Our crew is fortunate to have numerous incredible minds. Each of us with a way of seeing the situation from a different angle.

Some of us think in terms of efficiently working. Other think about efficiency of setup. While others see safety.

Much like life, there is no right or wrong answer for us. Which leads to discussion, which then escalates to partially heated discussion because working with family can be intense.

Big picture. the goal is always the same. Wean the calves from their mamas, get them processed, then get everyone back on feed.

Making that happen looks slightly different every year based on the changing factors thrown our way. This year we adjusted for the drought, then the mud, then the crew size we would have. We changed plans continuously leading up to getting this done much like we do with everything.

So how do 5 strong-willed people with varying opinions come together to agree on a plan?

We don’t agree. We compromise. We let it go (some quicker than others) when our idea isn’t voted in. We exchange words. Then we move on.

Weaning hundreds of calves today with a short crew. Glad it’s done. Honestly wasn’t that fun.

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