My Kid’s Thoughts on Women in Ag

“Hey mom, there’s a girl here.”

My kids say that sometimes.


The kids that pack along with me to do everything. They watch me drive machinery, nurse sick calves, sort cows, and problem solve each day.

These same kids that work with a woman, well two with my mom, still notice other women in agriculture.

We pulled into the sale barn this week and there was a girl working the back. That’s when I heard the latest, “hey mom, there’s a girl here!”

… and to be honest, my thoughts were similar.

Hey, there’s a girl working here 🥳

As much as we see more and more women in ag it’s still an industry predominantly filled with men. Which I don’t even notice, until I notice another girl and my heart swells a bit while I start to smile.

It’s a camaraderie feeling. Us girls out here doing this together ❤️

So if you hear my kids say, “hey mom, look there’s a girl,” know that we’re smiling and cheering for her ☺️

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