Pros of Living on the Farm

I’ve never lived where I could watch farming from my house. Seeing the spreader go was all the feels.

But then last night it got even better.

On my way home from the farm, I picked Karsyn up out of the seeder from riding with my dad and left Kade to ride a few rounds while I made supper.

When supper was ready I walked out my front door with a plate to give my dad and bring Kade back in.

I have no words for how fun that was to walk out the front door right over to the seeder.

Then Kyle took over rolling to finish the field and I was able to watch his lights out the window as I worked in the office.

At 10:30 when he walked in the door he said, “it was pretty nice to park the tractor and walk right in.”

This last year has been so much chaos and feeling unsettled as we moved and built.

Last night felt like a big hug. A hug that we’re in the right place. A hug that we didn’t do this all for nothing; we did it for this. To be right here. 🤍

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