The Biggest Compliment for a Capable Women in Ag

“You did that better than I would have.”

We had 2 pallets delivered Monday and I unloaded them with Kyle’s skidsteer while the kids watched out the window.

Kyle prefers a skidsteer with foot controls and we run hand controls at the farm.

My legs aren’t quite long enough to reach well and my patience surely isn’t long enough to step on the pedals slowly.

As we finished, I opened the door to sign the papers and thank the driver for his patience, plus thank him for helping me slide the forks closer together.

That’s when he hit me with, “you did that better than I would have.”

The ultimate compliment after doing a task in a machine I’m not as comfortable operating.

The ultimate compliment after having an audience watch.

And honestly, the ultimate compliment from a man as a woman.

Cheers to learning. Cheers to growing. Cheers to being capable.

Oh & cheers to giving compliments rather than keeping them in. 🥰🥳

PS — this is an old photo, I’m still trying to figure out how to add taking photos to the current juggle 😂 Krew is definitely not this big already!

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