The Reason My Kids Are So Helpful

Keep in mind this is a work in progress.

I’m only 4 years and three kids into this mom journey. From that, I can confidently say I’m learning more every single day. Everything I thought I knew with kid 1 went out with kid 2. By the time there were 3 I was beginning to master the humility of not having it figured out!

With that said, this has been fairly consistent among two kids so far… so take that for what it’s worth!

Being on the farm feels like we never have enough hands and we’re always welcoming more.

Letting, keyword being, letting, them help has taken so much time, patience and extra work. And now we’re starting to see some of the fruit from that labor ❤️

They want to help and I appreciate their help.

Today, a 4 year old raised the jack higher than the flatbed, backed me up, lowered the jack onto the ball, then locked the corral on the ball all by himself. Plus hydraulics 😉

It was magical for all of us!

I fall short on time and patience to always go at their pace and skill level. This isn’t an all day, every day learning experience. But I do try to let them do it as much as time and safety allows (and patience 🙃)

What do you think helps kids learn to be helpful?

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