The Weight of Decisions as a Rancher

It’s the decisions.

As a rancher, it’s the weight of the decisions.

We’re dealing with wet weather right now on weaned calves and that leaves us with illness.

Someone’s gotta be the one to walk the pens and make the decision on to treat or not to treat.

To treat means to take the time to pull the calf and spend the money on treatment.

Not to treat means to gamble the calf can heal on its own.

But it’s also, if I don’t treat today, will he be worse tomorrow? Did I not catch it in time and give the best possible chance for a faster recovery?

To treat one that doesn’t need the support is to use antibiotics we didn’t need to use. It’s using up a time of antibiotics that was unnecessary for his immune system.

There’s no black and white answers. There’s no right and wrong. There’s only making the choice today and letting hindsight show us the woulda, coulda, shoulda. Then not allowing our decision bias to hinder our next choice.

That’s the weight of the decisions. It’s the weight of profit or loss. It’s the weight of life and death.

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