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Lessons Learned While Working with Family

Inevitably, at some point something will go wrong.

Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say at multiple points, multiple wrongs will happen.

Sometimes, there is someone at fault and other times it’s simply a situation. Regardless of fault, there are a few ways to move forward.

Positively. Help each other learn through a situation.


Let emotions run unbridled and shame people into being scared to make a decision next time or scared to ask for help.

It feels common in agriculture to joke about yelling and cussing at each other while working cows… Why do we treat our families and those that we work closely with this way?

Now, so we are on the same page. My temper is remarkably short. I frequently use the F word (really working on that one). My emotions flow strong and fast.

I believe at the core, people are good, really good. I believe lifting others up moves the needle much more effectively than leading with anger or disappointment.

The stakes are high, always, and to me that doesn’t change how we treat people.

What I’m currently working on:

When someone comes at me, rather than match their intensity with yelling or blaming I’m going to try to remain calm. & when I fail, I’m doing to try again.

I’m going to look for the hurt/frustration/plea for help and work on addressing the root with kindness and empathy.

I’ve been working on this for awhile and I’m not successful every time, not even close.

Emotional awareness and the applicable tools could really change families. Especially in an industry where we work with our families so closely.

Understanding the enneagram, working through traumas + mind blocks, and learning that others process + communicate differently are all pieces that could change family agriculture.

Four generations on the farm daily has given me remarkable insight into how people can be so different when raised very similarly. It’s shown me that business is complex and family business is extraordinarily complicated.

The lessons I’m learning on a generational farm have as much to do with farming as they do family. ❤️

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