Working with Your Spouse and Unspoken Expectations

Kyle’s my favorite work partner.

I’d say after working together over half my life we’ve found a groove, but that’s not really true. For a couple reasons —

1. He’s always been patient, kind, and willing to teach.
2. I think our expectations and priorities are left more unsaid now than they used to be.

As we’re working through this shop build project, there have been plenty of times I thought we should proceed with x and his priorities are to keeping y moving.

It feels like we’ve entered the era of comfort and familiarity where we assume more than we discuss priorities.

Which means some days are 🙃🙃🙃😂🙈… but it’s also really helped to realize we’re both still working for the same end goal, even when we prioritize the order to get there differently.

Look below to see our fresh view! In my mind, the protective window film was staying on until the very end to keep the windows clean. In Kyle’s mind, he was ready to look out a clear window. So here we are, enjoying the view.

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