Emergency Fund: Money On Monday

On Mondays, we talk money.

One of the greatest gifts Kyle and I have ever received continues to keep giving to us.

As we were planning our wedding, Kyle paid for ¼, I paid ¼, and each of our parents chipped in ¼. When the festivities were over we were incredibly blessed with a large sum of money gifted to us by all the people who helped celebrate our marriage.

It would have been so easy to pocket that money. To reimburse ourselves for the investment in the party we had made. We were young. Trying to grow, using debt, putting every dollar we made back into building equity. That money could have felt really good one time.

I am so proud of this – we found a way to make that money into an eternal gift.

Every single dollar we received as a gift from our wedding went into a brand new, empty savings account. We had an instant emergency fund. A solid safety net to draw from.

We believe money should work for us, so rather than let it sit in the bank and accrue pennies we use this purse as an emergency operating note.

Whenever life or business provide us an opportunity that we are too tapped to take advantage of, we borrow from the people we love so much. Then every single time, we pay that money back to the savings account, plus some, so we can do it again.

The same as it would have been easier to pocket that money in the beginning, it sure would be easy to dump it on a loan now. But we stay diligent in paying ourselves back the same way we continue to pay the bank back.

From the very bottom of my humbled heart, I thank every person again for their wedding gift. That money has been used a few times each year we’ve been married and it truly has made a lasting impact on our family. With each statement, each withdrawal and each deposit back in that account I think of the hundreds of people that we are blessed to have in our lives. Thank you 😘

We all use money. We should talk about money and share what works for us so that we can all grow our net worth.

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