How a Farmer Navigates Save vs Splurge

Save or splurge?

Whether I think about in those terms or others it’s a question we navigate often.

Right now, we’re working through fertilizer purchases. We’ll be buying the same product so the spend vs splurge comes in terms of service, convenience, and loyalty.

We’ve also been discussing planter upgrade options. Personally, I’d rather put more money in a planter than the tractor that pulls it. The ROI on the planter, to me, is significantly higher than the horsepower needed to move it.

For the shop project, and most everything in life, I’ve always tried to stretch our dollars as far as possible, in terms of value. Once I find the right item, then I’m on the hunt for the best deal possible.

The best deal possible is sometimes the lowest price, other times it’s best availability, and often it’s a combination of those plus supporting local.

If someone were to ask me if Kyle & I are spenders or savers — I’d say, we’re value purchasers. You’ll see us with splurges and big saves. How about you — would you say you’re a spender or saver?

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