How Driving Truck Helped Me with a Growth Mindset

I’m not a confident truck driver.

I learned how to drive the grain cart before I got my driver’s license. Literally more than half a lifetime ago! Learning as a kid, from an adult, hits different.

Perfecting my skills driving semi, as an adult, has been much harder. More pride to swallow. Slower gains in progress. Overall, more arduous process.

Although, not different than most of life.

I’m honestly not that confident at any particular task I have to tackle, especially tackling that task with kids in tow.

What I am confident in, is the ability to improve. The ability to find better/more efficient ways to do the task, with kids, through practice.

Most importantly, the ability to be confident knowing that motherhood has taught me I’m stronger and more resilient than I ever thought possible.

So no, I’m not always confident venturing off to get the work done with the kids, but I am confident in how motherhood continues to shape me for the challenge.

That’s how I show up, ready for the challenge and confident that I’m more resilient and stronger now as a mother than I ever was before.

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