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Mother’s Day Thoughts from a Mom of Littles

First and foremost, thank you to all the women who mother these children alongside our family. Thank you, truly!


It’s taken a few years and inspiration from others to begin to grasp what motherhood means to me. I’ve come to find I agree with those that believe it is form of ministry. A true example of living selflessly for others.

Motherhood is putting my wants, needs, fears and desires second.

Motherhood is living in the joy of doing the monotonous tasks it takes to keep our family cared for. Seeing my devotion as service to others.

Motherhood is the continual push toward personal growth in order to better show up for these young humans.

Motherhood is giving. In more ways than one.

To the Village

We know it takes a village and we know it’s a blessing to have a village.

Thank you to the women who take the time to thoughtfully answer questions with detail and respect.

Thank you to the women who laugh at their jokes and engage in conversation.

Thank you to the women who look out for them when they get a bit too far away from the rest of us.

Thank you to the women who challenge and teach them.

Thank you to the women who love and cherish these kids.

Giving Hugs

Holidays come with many more feelings than pure joy. Big, deep hugs to you if you feel anything other than joyful surrounding Mother’s Day.

To the woman missing her mother. Hugs!

To the woman missing her child. Hugs!

To the woman with a complicated relationship with her mother. Hugs!

To the woman with a complicated relationship with her child. Hugs!

To the woman praying for a child. Hugs!

To the woman praying for a mother. Hugs!

To Mother

According to the dictionary means, “to bring up (a child) with care and affection.”

Cheers to the women, cheers to us, raising, guiding, and nurturing young people with care and affection.

Cheers to the village that steps in and steps up for kids regardless of their relation. Cheers to the teachers, providers, and community that plays a role in these children’s lives.

Cheers to the women who embody what it means to be a role model for these young kids.


How in the world do I thank my mom for not only her guidance to me, but now also her mothering of my children right beside me? As unpractical as flowers can be, I really enjoy them. I try to spend my money thoughtfully and still make the case that money spent on flowers is not wasteful. My mom disagrees! Her love language would be acts of service and she has always asked us to help trim trees in the spring so she can mow around them through the summer.

For lunch at the farm, we all used to take a day. Now it’s fallen off, so I have Tuesday and my mom has picked up the rest of everyone’s days. Last year, I made more lunches to give her more time and I think that’s what I’ll do this year. Or at least that’s the best idea I’ve come up with so far!

Time for Everyone

I personally really enjoy celebrating people but prefer to be spontaneous. Mother’s Day comes with heavy self-imposed weight of trying to make time for everyone; my mom, Kyle’s mom, and two grandmas all in one day…

Again, self-imposed pressure. I’ll be working with the kids this week to prepare cards and colored pictures for everyone which is truly a highlight for me. Teaching them how to celebrate others has been a really fun part of motherhood.

Hugs to You All

Thinking of you through this next week whether you’re having a tough time wishing it was over already or you’re celebrating full of joy. Big hugs friends 🙂

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