Quietly Leaving A Legacy


This woman was a lady boss long before the term lady boss came to be.

When she walked in her eyes were level and so was her nose. It wasn’t pointed up in the air and her chin wasn’t tucked down.

There was a vibe that floated as she walked. The way she carried herself was assurant.

I don’t want to say she demanded respect because she didn’t stand and wave her finger for it. She simply held her head, her gaze, and used her lips in such a way that you were she was in charge.

I was thinking I wish I would have asked her what it was like being a woman in her time… Then I thought she might have waved me off for such a dumb question. She might have scoffed that I would even recognize her gender and not see her for being the equal human she was.

Ladies like that, ladies that show up in confidence, those are the girls that continue laying the foundation that women are… anything and everything they want to be.

To be a trailblazer I was lucky to know — thank you for being an example of being respected, admired, and recognized as a person. Not a woman, not young or old, not anything but a qualified legacy earned thoroughly on merit.

& cheers to the girls that quietly change the perception, one person, at a time. The girls that will leave their legacy quietly in their small communities. There are many that will start a ripple and never have their name make a national splash. They matter, their contributions are vital, and I’m thankful to know so many powerful women.

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