Savoring Time

I had an epiphany the other night.

Quite briefly then everything got all complicated again.

As I was holding Karsyn, it really hit me how babies don’t keep. How this is such a fun and special time. I’ve never really understood how people are so drawn to babies before seeing how fleeting this stage is.

Gave me all the feels. I hugged her tight and thought I can slow down. I can savor being a mom. I can wait to pursue my list of legacies I’d like to build.

Then I thought of Kade. How special this age is with him. That’s when I realized every stage with these nuggets is special. All of our time is meaningful and it won’t ever stop being incredible.

So how can I wait? How can I table my plans to fully savor these moments for 20+ years?

I’m not sure why these multiple desires have been placed on my heart. All I know is I’m finding a way to make it all work. Everything, absolutely everything all at the same time.

I’m soaking up the time we spend together all day, every day. I’m breathing through working with kids. I’m choosing to be mindful of the overwhelm.

We can do this, exactly how we want. Enjoy these little moments while laying the foundation for big impacts.

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