What do our kids do in the cab without screens?

Well, they do what they’re usually doing with “idle” time.

Read books
Work on activity books
Play with what’s around them
Watch what’s going on around them

The Knowledge Book is a BIG hit for us (DM me for link ☺️), we’ve also started cutting & gluing.

The no screen time works well for me because I never offer them screen time. We’re always working on finding activities and working on our patience/ability to make our own fun.

I think it’s easier this way and am grateful this is working for us.

❤️ Absolutely, to each their own. We’re all doing what we can with what we’ve got. ❤️❤️

This is simply here as encouragement that it’s possible, somebody is doing it, (& really I think it’s easier!)

Happy cab days of harvest 🥳🥳

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