Teaching Money Literacy to Kids on the Farm

Does money even feel real?

I saw @erica.goode.cpa talk about taking her kids into a bank so they could see the deposit process and understand the tangibility of money.

It got me wondering if I feel money is real?

There is, at most, $20 cash in my wallet, if I’m lucky. Money to me has been digital for over a decade.

Then thinking about the absorbent amount of debt that has my name on it as responsible, alongside Kyle’s, it’s a number that seems mountainous to repay. Almost unreal.

In a way, having an operating loan has always been a safety net to me. “The bank’s always got money.” When thinking about using the cash envelope system, the money is so tangible and scarce at the same time.

Watching our investments change in value; value that we don’t realize also simply feels like a game. Perhaps when we reach the point of cashing out, it will feel like something.

After contemplating, I’m not sure money feels that real to me. The amount of dollars that slide through my hands as an ag producer is huge and the margin we keep is minuscule. Then there are the blurred lines of selling a crop a year after it was harvested and buying the inputs the year previous that makes it all so messy to figure exactly what a crop did bring in for us.

I have the same goal as Erica so we take our kids into the bank to make deposits, where they get a receipt, and sign notes. We’ll see how their perception of money grows and if they’ll be buying cows with crypto one day. 🤷🏼‍♀️

With all that said, I find great comfort in holding assets. If something were to happen to the banking system I’d rather it erase all my debt than all my assets!

How do you feel about money? Does it feel real?

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