This Is Our Dance. This Is Our Art.

here is a rhythm to this. Picture a synchronized dance.

Yesterday we had 3 needles, one nasal spray, one pour, an EID tag, one implant, and recorded a weight.

The objective is to keep the calves moving through as quickly as possible. So we all move in a rhythm to keep each other safe and to keep the process flowing efficiently.

Working together takes a 6th sense. Feeling and knowing what the people around you are doing now and where they will be moving next.

The chute makes a little noise, the alley clangs a bit, the calves beller and it all forms. lull loud enough that casual conversation doesn’t happen. If someone speaks up, it’s because something fell out of place, something got off track.

All of this flows without verbal communication. This didn’t happen by chance. It’s well choreographed and practiced.

This is our dance. This is our art.

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