How We Pay Bills and Manage Cash Flow

Managing cash flow and paying bills —

This weekend Kyle and I were discussing money we’d have coming in and bills we had coming up.

Then we talked about how much easier it is to pay bills as they come. Kyle has always been diligent about paying a bill right away, as each one arrives.

Kyle’s philosophy is to pay it and get it off our plate rather than waiting, spending money we have on something else then feeling the constraint when it’s time to get that bill paid.

It pains me sometimes to pay bills right away that don’t have interest start for some time, but the feeling of not having bills hanging over us is freeing.

If we get an influx of money, we’ll even pay ahead to allocate that money and get it checked off the list rather than hold it and wait for the bill.

Is it the wisest use of our interest?

It’s not maximizing interest earned or 0% situations, no.

But we’ve found there’s more to money than math.

Peace of mind, risk management and time & energy management is worth something too. Much harder to quantify worth, but it’s worth something.

How do you like to pay bills? Once a week, once a month, as they’re due, or something else??

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