Life Moves in Cycles, So Does Money

This life in agriculture has taught me that life moves in cycles. Next year is never promised to be more prosperous than this year. Our pursuit of growth will not be a linear uptrend.

Downgrading. Going backward. Periods of sacrifice. Downsizing.

Something we’re accustomed to do in our pursuit of making our dreams happen.

I’ve sold a fancy car more than once to drive something cheap and put that money toward our goals. Sold items I didn’t need in order to use that money; items like my wedding dress. Sold equipment we wouldn’t need for awhile with the plan to buy it back when we did.

Now, we downsized into a temporary rental.

This place is a roof over our heads and we’re GRATEFUL for the place to land. At the same time, we are adjusting to not parking in the garage, no dishwasher, no house cleaner, 2 bedrooms, laundry in the basement, a kid size folding table with only 2 chairs, mattresses on the floor, computer on the floor, and a couple bags of our clothes. 100% a livable situation, simply one we aren’t currently used to.

A banker once told us that lifestyle creep can really throw a wrench in farm finances. Family living can slowly expand into something that is hard to manage and is hard to adjust to less.

Toss up on if I’m more excited to get a dishwasher back or our beloved cleaning fairy godmother… Actually, it might be the garage. Very concerned about getting all the kids in the house from the driveway while we’re in town. Appreciate all the tips 😂😂 Main concern — I’ll turn around and they’ll be watering the grass with their bodies… or walking to the neighbors to chat!

Ok so maybe we’re most excited to get back to the country!

All that to say, life is a mindset and all we really need is each other. ❤️

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