Super Trucker

Get yourself a husband that sees you haulin’ bales in a giant purple Freightliner and gets you setup in a flat top Pete the next day!

Did I mention it came with a jake break and room for 3 more bales?

I come from a line of women who can truck. My grandma drove grain trucks and my mom is one of our main semi drivers.

For me, though, I’ve been working on this for years. Literally 6-7 years I’ve been trying to get the feel of shifting a semi. I spent time in the drivers seat with my brother, my dad and Kyle all in the passenger seat coaching me through the motions.

It was painful.

Sure, they helped explain the steps. Then they sat there with a pained look on their faces when I couldn’t get it. They held their breath as I ground the _____ out of the gears in their semis.

My dad tried to give me some tips. Colten finally threw his hands up and shook his head after giving me more time than most. Kyle stayed the most patient and he also came with the trucks that had the smoothest transmissions.

Anyway, I like to be good. I like to be at the top and accomplished. It was hard to keep trying when I was the beginner. It was hard to try so hard that I tried too hard and then it all got worse.

This bale haul season I have been so proud of myself. So proud I finally have the feel of the gears. So proud I feel confident enough to push myself a little more.

I want you to know what this high of accomplishment feels like. In some parts of our lives, good enough has become good enough. Push for more, push for better, push yourself to feel this high.

Dang I feel powerful cruising through these gears! Find what makes you feel like you want to feel, then chase that!

Thank you Colten, Dad, & Kyle for your patience and harsh love. Like everything, this was done as a team.

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